Monroe County DV Report to the Community

Each year, Willow Center provides a comprehensive domestic violence report to the community in partnership with the Rochester/Monroe County Domestic Violence Consortium. The Community Report includes data from the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services, Monroe County dispatch, the Monroe County Family Court program, and Willow Center.

2022 Report Highlights

  • 4,549 reports of domestic violence made last year in Monroe County – reports by law enforcement agencies in 4 categories: aggravated assault, simple assault, sex offense and order of protection violation.
  • 41,553 calls were made to Monroe County 9-1-1 dispatch last year that were classified as domestic disputes.
  • 3 domestic violence homicides in Monroe County last year.
  • Monroe County rates of domestic violence are 1.4 times the statewide rate, excluding NYC.
  • The city of Rochester rates are 2.7 times the statewide rate.
  • 4,021 petitions for orders of protection were filed in Family Court, with 4,059 temporary orders of protection granted, and 911 final orders of protection granted. Note: one petition may result in multiple temporary orders.
  • Willow Center’s 24/7 Hotline had 8,287 calls.