Thank you for your interest in an internship at Willow Domestic Violence Center. At this time, we are not accepting applications for interns. Please check back at a future date.

Interns are essential to our daily operations. Internships at Willow provide future advocates, professional experience working in a domestic violence agency setting and the opportunity to learn the ways in which we support survivors of violence.

Internship Requirements

  • Must be 18 years or older
  • Commitment to internships at Willow is at least a full academic year (roughly August/September to April/May)
    • Due to the sensitive nature of our work and the time it takes to train interns, we do not accept interns in any of our direct service/client facing programs for one semester or over the summer months.
    • Please note: Interns applying for the Kitchen/Food Service program may apply and be accepted for a 1 semester internship opportunity, which can include the summer months.
  • Interns must be able to commit at least 2 days a week and 14-16 hours at a minimum to their Willow internship.
  • Willow will conduct background checks on eligible intern candidates and interns will be offered positions only after this process is completed.

Willow Internship Expectations

  • Confidentiality: Due to the sensitive nature of our work at Willow, interns are held to the highest standard of confidentiality regarding programs/services, clients and locations.
  • Supervision: All interns will participate in individual supervision and group supervision meetings.
  • Training: All interns will participate in agency orientation and on-boarding processes and will participate in on-going training and development throughout their internship.
  • Hotline: All interns (except Kitchen/Food Service Interns) will be trained and expected to answer calls to Willow’s crisis hotline as part of their internship experience.

Internship Opportunities

Program placement is based on both scheduling/availability of the intern, agency staff, programs needs and we also consider intern preference. All interns will use a trauma informed and solution focused approach with survivors throughout each program.

  • Counseling Program Interns in the counseling program will support staff counselors in providing crisis and on-going counseling, advocacy, referrals, safety planning and education. Interns may assist in the facilitation of survivor groups. Support is provided to clients both in person and over the phone. Interns may be asked to additionally support clients in our emergency shelter by providing counseling support.
  • Court Advocacy Program Interns in the Court Advocacy Program will assist survivors in petitioning for an Order of Protection in Monroe County Family Court by answering questions, explaining the court process, drafting of family offense petitions and providing options. Interns will engage in safety planning, advocacy, and crisis counseling for survivors at court.
  • Human Trafficking Interns in the Human Trafficking Program will assist with intake and service needs assessments for potential or identified human trafficking clients. Interns will support staff in providing crisis and on-going counseling, advocacy, referrals, safety planning and education for clients. Interns may also support clients through court accompaniment.
  • Supportive/Transitional Housing Program Interns in the Supportive/Transitional Housing Program will assist by providing case management, information, advocacy, safety planning and referrals to survivors participating in any housing services program. Support is provided in person and via phone and coordinated with all other Willow programs.
  • Hotline Interns in the Hotline Program will provide crisis and supportive counseling/advocacy, information, referrals and safety planning as needed over the phone, via text, and via webchat and direct message. Interns will assist in screening clients for shelter placement.
  • Children’s Programs Interns in the Children’s Program will assist in planning, coordinating and implementing recreational activity and special activities for children and/or families in shelter. Interns will assist staff in providing support, safety planning, behavior modification, crisis intervention and skill development with children and/or families.
  • Residential/Shelter/Service Team Program(s) Interns in the residential/shelter/service program will assist staff in supporting clients residing in Willow’s emergency shelter. Interns will support staff in providing crisis and on-going counseling, advocacy, referrals, safety planning and education. Additionally, interns will assist in daily residential/shelter activities which may include: meal service, facility maintenance/cleaning, stocking supplies, morning/evening family routines, intakes and housing support.
  • Kitchen/Food Service Program Interns in the kitchen/food service program will assist and support the Kitchen Manager/Cook(s) within our confidential shelter facility. Intern responsibilities will include assisting and supporting monthly menu meal prep, daily meal prep and service, cleaning and organizing pantries, freezers, fridges, commercial stove and dining areas, food purchasing and pick-up, and helping to manage dietary restrictions for clients. Interns should expect to work with and interact with clients and their families staying within the shelter.

If you have questions about internships, please contact