Prevention Education and Training

Everyone has the right to safe and healthy relationships.

Education is one of the most effective tools in breaking the cycle of abuse. 

Willow Center educators provide training and speaking engagements throughout Monroe County. Willow’s community education and training is appropriate for a wide range of audiences. Programs include a diverse range of content, real world examples, resources and skill building.

Willow Education Staff frequently serve as educators and resources for K-12 educators, youth and teen groups, faith communities, the higher education community, community organizations, medical and health providers, the legal community, mental health providers, service providers, law enforcement and the media.

All programs are free of charge and can be tailored to the needs of a group.

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Willow Education & Training Curriculum

Domestic Violence 101

Domestic Violence 101 is a brief overview of domestic violence and the programs Willow Domestic Violence Center offers to support survivors on their journey. Participants will walk away with a basic understanding of the scope of DV both nationally and locally. Participants will also walk away with a basic understanding of the spectrum of abusive behavior and how to respond to a disclosure. Time Requirement: Ideal timing is 60-90 minutes.

Healthy Relationships

This training will help participants start to distinguish healthy, unhealthy and dangerous relationship behaviors and recognize relationship red flags. Participants will walk through a spectrum of behaviors with an emphasis on self-worth, setting boundaries, and concerns around technology. Participants will walk away with a mini and individualized plan for coping and safety.

Adult Audience: Time Requirement: 45-60 minutes

Youth/Teen Audience: Time Requirement: Can accommodate a typical school class period (or longer). Ideal Time Requirement: 2 school class periods

The Trauma Informed Approach to Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence is complex trauma experienced by individuals. Participants will learn more about DV as a traumatic experience and what a survivors’ response to DV might look like, sound like and feel like. Participants will gain a basic understanding of Trauma Informed Care and skills needed to respond to survivors in a compassionate and empathic way. Time Requirement: 60-90 minutes

Teen Dating Violence (for adults)

Youth ages 16-24 experience the highest rates of intimate partner violence and sexual violence in the United States. Participants will learn more about the spectrum of abusive behavior and how to recognize red flags in youth/teen relationships. An emphasis will be made on abusive behavior facilitated through technology. Participants will walk away with skills and tools on how to talk to youth/teens about relationships and violence. Time Requirement: 60-90 minutes

Guest Speaker, Panel Speaker, Ask Us Anything

Are you holding an event or an expert panel that requires an expert in the field of domestic violence or interpersonal violence? We’re here for you! Appropriate for all audiences and ideal for:

          • Parents Nights
          • College Events
          • Health Care Panels
          • Youth Services Panels
          • Community Events
          • Faith Events

Custom: Build Your Own Experience

Looking for something more specific? We can help! We are able to custom build trainings to fit specific audiences, situations, and experiences. We are able to combine components of our trainings and panels to establish a model and curriculum that is unique to your organization and needs. Suggestions:

          • Healthcare settings and professionals
          • Medical students/resident training
          • Student leader training for college students and youth peer programs
          • Faith based programs and groups
          • Topic specific content including: Human Trafficking, Adverse Childhood Experiences, the legal justice system, de-escalation, community resources, etc.

Time Requirement: Varies based on group and content

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Willow programs are inclusive of all genders, gender identities, sexual identity and sexual orientations.