ABW is now Willow

Today marks a major milestone on our agency’s 40 year timeline.

Alternatives for Battered Women is now Willow Domestic Violence Center

Our strong roots

We are proud of our nearly 40 year history as Alternatives for Battered Women, an agency that has been at the forefront of the domestic violence movement locally and nationally. Today, our mission and our services have evolved.

Everyone has the right to be safe

Today, we serve women and children, and we also serve male, transgender and LGBTQ survivors. We recognize entire families are impacted by domestic violence. Nearly 300 children receive services from our agency each year. Dating violence is also on the rise – with young men and young women reporting abusive relationships in record numbers.

Domestic violence is not only physical

Domestic violence is power and control over another person and can be physical, psychological, emotional, verbal, sexual, and/or financial abuse.

Now is the time to have our name reflect the scope of those we serve

Changing our name was not taken lightly. Truth Collective, a Rochester-based branding agency, shared their talents pro bono to lead us through the rigorous name change process. We held focus groups, conducted surveys and met with clients, funders, volunteers, members of our county domestic violence consortium, board and staff. Based on this extensive input, and after careful consideration, our board of directors unanimously voted to change our name to Willow Domestic Violence Center.

Different name, same mission

As we share this moment in our history with you, we renew our commitment to our mission to prevent domestic violence and ensure that every survivor has the supports needed along the journey to a safe and empowered life.

Why Willow?

A willow tree can grow from a single, broken branch and live with grace under all kinds of pressure. The willow is sheltering and a beacon of hope. Willow branches can be woven together to create something entirely new and incredibly durable.

A long-time advocate and staff member said it best: “Willow speaks to the tremendous strength, action, planning, determination, perseverance, tenacity, and power that the survivors we work with possess in their most difficult moments.”

I will hope.

I will heal.

I will thrive.