Due to the highly confidential nature of the services we provide, most of Willow Center’s short-term volunteer opportunities include helping at our special events, serving as an ambassador for the agency or hosting an event to collect much needed supplies.

Willow Center also has several active working committees which help to plan our events, support our board work and do short special projects such as graphic design work or other needs. If you have a talent to share – we can find a need!

For those wishing for a longer-term engagement to work directly with the families at Willow Center, volunteers must complete an 8-hour domestic violence training.

Willow cannot accept individuals seeking volunteer opportunities to fulfill court mandated community service hours.

Individual Volunteers

Some volunteers may donate a few hours to Willow Center, and others may give many years.

All volunteers working directly with survivors must:

  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • Sign a statement of confidentiality
  • Attend Domestic Violence Advocacy Training

Please note that some opportunities require more training and time commitment than others. Certain positions might currently be filled, but waitlisted or “back up” volunteers are needed. Some volunteers are also called on an “as needed” basis.

To Become a Volunteer:

  1. Review available volunteer opportunities below.
  2. Fill out a Volunteer Application and submit it to Volunteer@WillowCenterNY.org, along with a resume.
  3. Should your experience match available opportunities, Willow Center staff will contact you and begin the interview process.
  4. Complete Willow Center general training and program specific training at our center, according to your position.

Current Opportunities

Administrative Volunteer

Administrative volunteers provide clerical work that helps our agency function smoothly and effectively. Volunteers are needed to assist staff by filing, typing, data entry, data clean up, data maintenance, and copying. Experience with databases and computer programs is desired.

Children’s Playroom Volunteer (Full until April)

The Children’s Playroom at Willow Center focuses on providing a safe, nurturing, environment for children in addition to support for the parents. Children are encouraged to express their feelings about the domestic violence they have witnessed as they develop healthy, positive skills with which to deal with life. Volunteers in this program interact with the children during playgroups, modeling non-violent behavior and teaching life skills.

Court Advocacy Program Volunteer 

Willow Center’s Court Advocacy Program (CAP) provides accompaniment through the court process. Volunteers advocate for petitioners and assist them through referrals to community support services, in obtaining orders of protection, and by providing information about Willow Center. CAP is currently seeking a Spanish speaking volunteer.

Donations Volunteer

Willow Center offers its residents and their children clothing and supplies as needed. Volunteers are needed to sort clothing that has been donated, arrange the clothing in the clothing room, and assist residents with selections. Volunteers also assist the Donations Clerk with drop-offs and help distribute items.

Events Volunteer

Willow Center hosts a number of events throughout the year to raise awareness about domestic violence and fundraise to support our programs. Volunteers are needed to assist with holiday celebrations, fundraising events, and more.

Outreach Ambassador

Volunteers help increase community outreach and awareness by participating in local Health Fairs and providing coverage at the Willow Center table at events.

Special Projects Volunteer

Special Projects Volunteers help to fill Willow Center’s immediate needs, or donate their specific skills to our agency. For example, a volunteer might lead a yoga workshop for shelter residents, teach them how to knit, or be available to move supplies or shred documents as the need arises.

Group Volunteering

Community Group Volunteers are local organizations, clubs, businesses, and students that are interested in providing service for a one day or on-going project. Community Group Volunteers are required to be accompanied by a staff person on site of the project and supervised while performing the project. Due to the need of supervision, all Community Volunteers MUST submit a Group Application a minimum of 2 weeks before the project date.

Please be advised some of our projects have a cost associated to allow for purchasing of resources needed to perform the project. Please be aware of your group’s financial capabilities. We also may request that the group provide their own materials and tools to complete the certain projects. Feel free to submit your own ideas to Volunteer@WillowCenterNY.org.

All onsite volunteers must be 18 or older and sign a statement of confidentiality at the beginning of service.

Be aware that projects may vary due to need, time, and season causing not all projects to be available. Requests may be denied depending on these constraints. Also, be advised that our agency may have crises that arise that could result in a last minute cancellation of a project. Note that although no program at Willow Center is mandatory for shelter residents, we do our best to encourage participation.

To Volunteer as a Group:

  1. Review the project examples below.
  2. Gather your group members and decide on your project or service.
  3. Fill out your Group Application and submit it to Volunteer@WillowCenterNY.org a minimum of 2 weeks before the project date.
  4. Willow Center staff will contact you within a week to discuss the details and feasibility of your project proposal.