Tabling and Materials Request

Materials and Mailing
For more information about the types of printed materials available, please visit our website here: Agency Posters and Materials. Materials and mailing are free of charge. Please note, we will do our best to accommodate your request and do so in a timely manner, however, we may not be able to accommodate large requests and/or a large request may take more time. If you have a specific request or are requesting a large amount of materials please contact us at 585-232-5200 or

Event Tabling
Table requests may be staffed by full/part time Willow staff members or volunteers. If you have a request for a specific person at your event, please indicate that at the bottom of the form. At the table, Willow will provide our printed agency materials, if you would like to request something specific, please indicate that at the bottom of the form.

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  • Required if requesting printed materials.