Healthy Relationships 101

Willow celebrates happy, healthy relationships and our guiding values helping to strengthen and promote them. Every day we are building a community where love is always safe.

Trees need water, light and the proper soil to keep them in full bloom. Relationships need the same nurturing and care but with different ingredients.

From strong roots in Open Communication, through a sturdy trunk of Trust & Support, and branching into boundaries, fairness, and freedom, we’ll grow our healthy relationships!

Freedom: You might spend a lot of time with your partner, but you also need your own space Partners should be able to have their own hobbies, likes, outside friends, and should feel supported in having their own interests. Always be yourself and know that you have the right to be free!

Fairness: Relationships, romantic or friendships, shouldn’t be one-sided. Each person should be willing to compromise and listen to the other person’s thoughts and needs. Listening and understanding does not mean you have to agree, agreeing to disagree is normal and healthy in a relationship. When it comes to opinions, everyone’s matters.

Boundaries: Each person has a right to decide what they are okay with in a relationship. This includes physical stuff, how often you talk to a partner, what you wear and whether you share your social media passwords. If you don’t like when your partner texts and calls too much or doesn’t give you alone time, you have the right to speak up and the right to have your partner respect it!

Trust & Support: Being able to rely on your partner helps you feel safe and secure in a relationship. It’s about knowing someone has your back and your best intentions at heart. You should be able to expect your partner to be honest with you and that they won’t let you when you need them.

Open Communication: Communication is a huge part of all relationships. Being able to express how you feel and taking time to listen to the other person is important and essential.

Whether you’re single, in a romantic relationship, or strengthening connections with family and friends, it is essential for those relationships to be healthy. Everyone worthy of and has the right to happy, healthy, and respectful relationships.