Deaf Gain Collaborative

Deaf Gain Collaborative’s vision is to transform our community to become culturally and linguistically competent in addressing the needs of Deaf survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault which will pave the way for the development and implementation of inclusive and barrier-free solutions.

Willow Domestic Violence Center, IGNITE and RESTORE Sexual Assault Services are collaborative partners as part of an Office of Violence Against Women (OVW) funded three-year Deaf Gain Collaborative grant. We work together to provide appropriate training to our staff members to increase their cultural awareness and how to work with diverse Deaf survivors who communicate in American Sign Language (ASL) or their primary method of communication. With their enhanced awareness of the Deaf community, we can offer better services for Deaf survivors by creating barrier-free access.


Susan Demers-McLetchie, MS
Inclusive Project Manager

585.207.2400 (VP/Phone)