Empowerment Series

Willow Center offers the Empowerment Series of workshops with the belief that knowledge is power. Participants attend workshops on key topics (legal clinics, housing) or participate in a multi-week program.

Call our Hotline to register or for more information on the Empowerment Series: Hotline (585) 222-SAFE.

Skills Groups

Skills Groups are eight-week, closed groups with topics like Boundaries, Healthy Relationships, and Self-Esteem. Registration is required. Childcare is provided.

Knowledge is Power Series

Nutrition Clinics:

Staff from the Cornell Cooperative provide information  on a variety of topics related to healthy eating.

Legal Clinics:

Attorneys and Court Advocates provide information about orders of protection, custody, and other legal concerns. Registration is required. Childcare is provided.

Housing Clinics:

Willow Center Advocates and representatives from the Housing Council will explore all the options and answer questions about how to find a safe place to live.

Domestic Violence Education Series

If you have questions about domestic violence or have been told that you are required to attend a group at Willow Center, it is recommended that you attend the Domestic Violence Education Series, a time limited, closed group. This series runs for 8 sessions.

You will experience an interactive group with participation through discussion. The Education Series group meets on an ongoing basis. Commitment is required for the full 8 weeks. Childcare is provided.

Seeking Safety Series

This eight week evidence-based skills group focuses on moving beyond domestic violence and increasing personal safety. An assessment is required.

Please call our hotline to register or for more information about the Domestic Violence Education Series: Hotline (585) 222-SAFE. 

All services are free of charge and confidential.