Empowerment Series

Willow Center offers the Empowerment Series of workshops with the belief that knowledge is power. Participants attend workshops on key topics (legal clinics, housing) or participate in a multi-week program.

Call our Hotline to register or for more information on the Empowerment Series: Hotline (585) 222-SAFE.

Skills Groups

Skills Groups are eight-week, closed groups with topics like Boundaries, Healthy Relationships, and Self-Esteem. Registration is required. Childcare is provided.

Knowledge is Power Series

Financial Literacy Clinics:

Staff from Consumer Credit Counseling Services and financial professionals provide information focused on financial literacy, credit counseling, and job readiness.

Legal Clinics:

Attorneys and Court Advocates provide information about orders of protection, custody, and other legal concerns. Registration is required. Childcare is provided.

Housing Clinics:

Willow Center Advocates and representatives from the Housing Council will explore all the options and answer questions about how to find a safe place to live.

Domestic Violence Education Series

If you have questions about domestic violence or have been told that you are required to attend a group at Willow Center, it is recommended that you attend the Domestic Violence Education Series, a time limited, closed group. This series runs for 8 sessions.

You will experience an interactive group with participation through discussion. The Education Series group meets on an ongoing basis. Commitment is required for the full 8 weeks. Childcare is provided.

Please call our hotline to register or for more information about the Domestic Violence Education Series: Hotline (585) 222-SAFE. 

All services are free of charge and confidential.